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The new VW Caddy – how to get the maximum load capacity out of it!

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles introduced the new Caddy (Maxi) at the end of last year. We took a closer look at it and show you in this article why the new Caddy is the ideal vehicle for the tradesman.

“Ready for whatever comes!” This is the promise Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles makes to all those who opt for the 5th generation Caddy. Admittedly, the new Caddy leaves hardly anything to be desired and it seems as if VW has the right model for every requirement in its portfolio here: Whether Caddy Life as a family carriage, Caddy California for all freedom lovers, Caddy MOVE for the young, hip urban generation or finally the Caddy Cargo for professional use.

Many technical features such as an inductive charging station for mobile phones, keyless access, the electric closing aid for the side doors and innovative driving assistance systems ensure even more comfort and a dynamic driving experience.

What interests us first and foremost, however, is what possibilities the Caddy Cargo offers craftsmen and service technicians and whether it is actually ready for the daily demands of professional life.

The new Caddy Cargo for trade and service

It’s clear that we’re dealing with a compact van that doesn’t come close to the Crafter, but with its intelligent set-up can accommodate materials that would otherwise also fill a disorganized T6. What’s more, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has built the new Caddy on the modular transverse matrix (MQB platform), so it is automatically larger than the predecessor model and offers space for no less than two Euro pallets in the load compartment – without shelf extension, of course. The Caddy therefore has a full 3.1 m³ stowage volume, compared with 3.7 m³ in the Caddy Maxi.

This means that tradesmen have an extra-large load compartment (1,797 mm load compartment length in the Caddy and 2,150 mm in the Caddy Maxi) at their disposal, which can be optimally arranged in combination with Sortimo van racking so that the load volume can be fully utilised and professionally secured with practical double floor solutions or heavy-duty shelving.

To give you a more precise idea of the capacity of the load space, we have equipped the new Caddy (short wheelbase) with an underfloor solution as well as SR5 racking as an example for the electrical industry. We don’t want to hide the parallel here – the 5th generation Caddy in combination with SR5, the fifth generation van racking – It’s a match! 😊

But let’s take it one step at a time:

In our example extension, we have “downsized”. This means that we have integrated a van racking that can accommodate approximately the volume of transported goods for which the next larger vehicle category would otherwise have to be chosen. Why? Clearly, a van is cheaper to buy and more maneuverable in road traffic. It is much easier to negotiate underground car park entrances in city centers or parking situations than with larger vans.

The Caddy Cargo is equipped with facilities on several levels. Starting at the bottom are large-capacity drawers called the Jumbo-Unit. For compact vans like the Caddy Cargo, the Jumbo-Unit is a suitable means of getting the most out of the load space. This is installed in our Caddy both longitudinally and transversely in the vehicle as an underfloor solution and thus offers stowage options right into the last corner of the vehicle.

Loading and unloading heavy equipment or machines weighing up to 100 kg is particularly ergonomic and easy on the back thanks to the wide extension, your load is stowed safely in a space-saving manner and loading can be carried out via the rear and side doors.

VW Caddy with van racking SR5 and XL drawer Jumbo-Unit

On the Jumbo-Units, the Caddy Cargo is equipped with the SoboPro load-securing floor, which provides the tradesman with a professional load-securing package – the proven ProSafe system – thanks to integrated floor lashing points. This means that larger objects or machines that cannot be accommodated in the vehicle equipment can be flexibly and easily lashed to the floor. There is still room for a Euro pallet between the vehicle racks.

The SoboPro is easy to clean, non-slip when wet and, together with the SowaFlex wall panelling, also contributes to maintaining the value of the vehicle.

Covered by the SoboPro floor, the Jumbo-Units are cleverly combined with SR5 here, with the van racking also helping to make the most of the Caddy Cargo’s load space and structure the daily work routine.

The easily visible shelves and drawers offer the best possible overview and organisation options and allow you quick access to the tools, work equipment and consumables you are carrying. This saves you long search times and makes you much more efficient and productive in your everyday work.

The Caddy’s hinged doors conceal the view of the expensive tools and machines in the load compartment and are thus an effective protection against thieves.

Sortimo solutions for your VW Caddy

The just described extension of the Caddy Cargo is only one example. Of course Sortimo offers you tailor-made Globelyst4 as well as SR5 solutions for the Caddy or Caddy Maxi according to your requirements and industry.

Our sales experts will be happy to create a complete load compartment concept for your new Caddy: starting with the floor and wall panelling, through the vehicle equipment to the roof rack.

In addition, you can supplement your vehicle individually with further, industry-specific accessories. For example, with the AutoAssistant as a mobile office.

The practical organiser on the passenger seat stows folders, brochures or drinks bottles in the open storage compartment and also functions as a desk pad for doing small paperwork directly in the vehicle.

The AutoAssistant is quickly and securely fastened in your Caddy via the three-point safety belt and is also compatible with the new ProClick product line.

From June the new Caddy and the Caddy Maxi will also be available in the configurator mySortimo configuration, so that you can easily put together your individual SR5 van racking yourself online, order it directly and have it installed at a Sortimo branch or station near you.

Our conclusion

The new VW Caddy proves to be a real space miracle in the compact commercial vehicle segment. Its compact exterior dimensions, which make it manoeuvrable, small and sleek, make it more of a car than a van and make it ideal as an agile city runabout. At the same time, the load compartment, including intelligent vehicle equipment, offers sufficient space for everyday materials.

Compared to a large commercial vehicle such as the VW Crafter, the Caddy will have fewer problems finding a parking space in urban areas and access to underground garages should not be a problem either. Nevertheless, everything important is on board.

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