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With Sortimo Inlays, SAIT is reinventing the demonstration vehicle

When Christophe Chrétien, Director of SAIT France, contacted Sortimo for the equipment of a demonstration vehicle with a racking system, a new challenge arose and it was necessary to come up with a layout concept that would impress their professional customers.

SAIT France is a leader in the production of agglomerated abrasives, who have been operating for more than 50 years. They are an essential provider in the field of technical abrasives. The company is one of the top five suppliers of bonded and applied abrasives in France. Their distribution network has over 9,000 customers at their disposal in four major product categories which includes Abrasives for metal, wood, construction and automotive repair.

Christophe Chrétien provided a fairly simple specifications, relying on our expertise for the overall solution. He wanted worktops high enough for product presentation or possible consultation of brochures. Powerful, well-distributed lighting for presentations and an integrated electrical supply in the vehicle for demos with machines.

The originality of the Sortimo proposal was to think like if the customer was a jeweler, and to suggest the use of multiple drawers equipped with individual foam inserts in which SAIT products could be highlighted and presented in a high-end manner.

Having defined the customer’s wishes, the content of each drawer, each foam insert was then designed with cutouts conforming to the shape of SAIT products.

Circular cutouts have been made for the discs of different sizes. Perforations have been made for rotating brushes of all types. In addition, the name of the company SAIT France is even engraved on each foam insert.

To carry out the design of the inserts, the method was the same as for the realization of inserts for tools. The products were photographed and once the images were uploaded to the mySortimo Inlays platform on which the inserts were designed.

For round shapes, the integrated graphics tool made it possible to create circular cutouts perfectly suited to the products.

The vehicle travels the French roads throughout the week to participate in technical days in professional tool and industrial supply stores. It also enables full demonstrations to be carried out for Key Account customers.

The presentation of the products is very convincing because it is carried out in a vehicle equipped in a similar way to the professionals’ who will use our products. We want to emphasize the quality of our products, what better than a Sortimo installation to convey a professional image. Now the professional equipment resellers are asking us for the van to come to their Tech Days !

Christophe CHRETIEN Managing Director SAIT France

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