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SR5 impresses in the new Renault Kangoo

At the LCV Show of the new Renault Kangoo, it caused a stir not only because of its attractive design and state-of-the-art technologies. You can read about the role played by SR5 in this article.

When Renault unveiled the new Kangoo at the press conference for this year’s presentation of new light commercial vehicles, the public was in for quite a surprise: the Kangoo is not only part of the new e-fleet with which the French automaker is further expanding its European market leadership for purely electric light commercial vehicles. An absolute highlight was the so-called “Open Sesame by Renault”.

So from now on, the new Kangoo is “Open Sesame”, because the Renault Kangoo is launching with the widest side loading opening in the class of compact vans. This is possible due to the absence of a B-pillar. The innovative loading opening is twice as wide as before (1.45 meters) and makes loading the vehicle from the side easier than ever.

But that was not all: When Jean-Louis Wiedemann, Global CMM Sales & Marketing Small Vans Groupe Renault, opens the side loading door of the Kangoo at the LCV Show, another innovation is also hidden behind it: the SR5 rotating shelf, developed by Sortimo!

Van racking system³ – the innovation in the van

The design installed in the show vehicle is absolutely unique in the market to date and demonstrates completely new possibilities in the areas of efficient use of cargo space and ergonomic access. This is only possible due to the lack of a B-pillar in the Kangoo.

In addition to the familiar, regular configuration of a commercial vehicle with van racking, in which one rack is placed on the driver’s side and one on the passenger’s side of the vehicle, the Kangoo has been extended to include a third rack – the SR5 rotating rack. This is mounted directly on the partition grille behind the driver’s cab via screw connections.

The challenge in the design of the rotating rack was to develop a simple rotation mechanism that would guarantee a safe and reliable fixation of the rack while driving. Sortimo were able to benefit from our many years of experience and expertise from crash tests we have carried out.

The racking is securely fixed in place during the journey via four safety latches – at the top and bottom of the partition grid, via a lever lock on the vehicle floor and via a safety belt in the upper racking area. Only when all four latches are released can the rack be effortlessly turned manually with just one hand.

Once on site, the passenger seat is folded forward. In just a few simple steps, the rotating rack is released from its anchorage. Using the swivel mechanism of the partition grid, it is simply swung open and rotated into the position in which direct access to the contents is possible from the outside.

After completion of the activity, the rotating rack is swiveled back to its initial position before being locked in place. The four safety devices ensure that the rack remains securely fixed during travel.

Watch the live presentation of the SR5 rotating rack at Renault’s LCV show here:

Of course, the SR5 rotating rack can also be individually equipped with BOXXes, drawers or shelves according to the customer’s requirements.

Added value for the trade

The large-access area via the side door to the contents of the cargo area opens up completely new possibilities for tradesmen and service technicians who would generally tend to use a compact commercial vehicle, but then have to resort to a larger van due to the lack of storage space. Thanks to the innovative SR5 rotating rack, the Kangoo has similar loading capacities to a large transporter, for example.

The Renault Kangoo including the innovative SR5 rotating rack is therefore suitable for all trades that have a lot of material to transport and need constant access to it in their daily work, such as in the HVAC or electrical sectors, but also maintenance and facility.

Tradesmen and service technicians benefit from this innovation in several ways:

  • Direct access: direct access from the outside has ergonomic advantages for the user in particular, thanks to the rotation function it is not necessary to climb into the vehicle first to access the contents of the rack.
  • Safe access: especially in inner-city areas or along busy roads, access via the side door ensures more relaxed and safe working directly at the vehicle.
  • Easy handling: the positioning of the rotating rack requires only a few hand movements, and it is already in the correct position. 
  • Maximum use of space: In contrast to the conventional equipment of commercial vehicles with “only” two shelving blocks on the right and left, the Renault Kangoo offers around 60% more storage volume in the cargo area thanks to the integration of the 1-meter-wide rotating shelf. This means that the available space can be optimally utilized even in the compact van. This is also where the advantages of SR5 clearly comes into play, because despite the placement of a third rack in the rear area, there is still enough space available in the loading area so that even a Euro pallet could fit.
  • Safety for passengers: The interior of the new Renault Kangoo has been designed to provide maximum protection for occupants, even in the event of a crash. The bulkhead partition is designed to provide maximum protection for the occupants even in the event of a crash.
  • Monetary plus point: thanks to the “Open Sesame” function and the integrated rotating shelf, Renault Kangoo offers you the storage volume of a large commercial vehicle, but at the price of a compact van.

Sortimo Solutions for the Renault Kangoo

The market launch for the Renault Kangoo is scheduled for June 2021. We will let you know in good time via our tried and tested communication channels whether the Renault Kangoo will also be available with the Sortimo SR5 rotating rack. The best way to do this is to sign up directly for our newsletter so that you don’t miss any important information and current offers from the Sortimo world:

However, we can say for sure that we already have solutions for floor and wall paneling ready for the sales launch of the Renault Kangoo as well as vehicle racking suitable for all industries. Thanks to our good contact with Renault, we have been able to take all the measurements and carry out trial installations in good time, so that we are well prepared for your inquiries – even if they involve very individual special solutions.

Our Customer Service Center is at your disposal for all inquiries or contact your local representative:

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