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Customisable, practical, tidy – the benefits of the sContainer

The new sContainer already convinced a wide audience of its flexible range of uses in 2018, when it was presented as a prototype at the IAA Commercial Vehicles trade fair. It is different from conventional construction site containers. Better? That’s for you to decide! In the following article, I would like to show you the greatest advantages of the practical pallet format container.

Do you often spend weeks at a time working at the same location? Are parking options limited or access difficult or restricted with your van, so that you end up having to carry your tools and equipment a long way from your vehicle to the site? Then today I would like to introduce the new sContainer. Because the container spares you all this unnecessary and time-consuming lugging around.

The robust container is made of powder-coated sheet steel and a plastic hood and has the capacity of a small commercial vehicle – but is considerably cheaper to purchase and maintain, yet offers a secure space to store your machines, tools, equipment and consumables exactly where you need them.

Cheap and simple transport

Although the sContainer from Sortimo is smaller than a conventional construction site container, it still offers all the same benefits.

This makes it much easier and cheaper to transport the sContainer to where it is needed compared to the large containers normally found on construction sites. Its basic dimensions of 800 mm x 1200 mm correspond exactly to the size and shape of a conventional Euro pallet, so it fits perfectly into existing logistics and transport chains.

Thanks to the floor assembly, the shape of which is also based on a Euro pallet, it can, for example, be easily loaded onto and unloaded from a flatbed vehicle using a forklift or placed anywhere on the site. The sContainer can also be transported by lorry, rail, water or air freight at low cost.

The slim design of the sContainer is another plus, especially if a number of trades and companies are employed on the construction site or if you only have limited space for storing your equipment during service jobs. This is because it only has a small footprint, while at the same time offering generous storage space.

The right model for everyone thanks to different heights and various accessories

To offer the right model for every purpose, you can order the sContainer in two heights: 1200 and 1900 mm – with the same basic dimensions (800 x 1200 mm). You can also customise it with a wide range of accessories.

Absolutely unique in this regard is the option to fit it out with an SR5 shelf.

The combination of drawers, BOXXes and shelves makes the container the perfect organisation system and ideal place to store your tools. For better and clearer organisation of the sContainer, the individual SR5 components can be individually labelled with labels from the mySortimo labels range and the drawers can be fitted with tool tray inlays from the mySortimo inlay range.

This means that everything has its own place and is clearly arranged for everyone, which is a particular advantage when the container is used by several workers.

More accessories

Who is the sContainer suitable for?

Whether on the building site or in manufacturing, whether for trade, construction or service work – the sContainer is a practical and spacious storage facility and is particularly suitable, regardless of the industry, if you have work at the same location over a longer period of time. Your tools, machines and other materials are stored safely in the container. This means that you don’t have to load everything into your van every time you finish work and unload it again the next morning, but instead have a practical storage facility right on site.

The sContainer is particularly useful in inner-city areas where access to the site or parking options are limited. In this case the sContainer is your ideal partner. Everything you need is always stored directly on site. This saves you a lot of hassle searching for a parking space and also saves time, which can be spent much more productively.

Consider the sContainer as the perfect addition to your existing fleet, as it offers you considerably more flexibility in planning your jobs. For example, employees without a van can come directly to the site or be dropped off on site by colleagues and find everything they need for their work already there.

Possible uses

The possible uses of the sContainer are varied and also completely independent of your particular industry. Ultimately, there are no limits. Nevertheless, I would like to give you a few examples of possible uses:

  • Construction site container for large construction sites or smaller construction projects to store your machines, tools and consumables
  • Goods depot for technical documents, safety data sheets, work clothing and technical equipment such as laptops, etc.
  • Logistics hub for delivery services – the container is filled by lorry, courier drivers collect their parcels from it
  • Service depot for specialist dealers with refill service – the container is refilled overnight by the courier service
  • Tool depot for industrial services – placed, for example, in manufacturing or on industrial facilities as a storage space and mobile depot for tools, machines etc.

Case study: JaKel GmbH

JaKel GmbH from Schwabmünchen, Germany uses the sContainer as a tool depot on their flatbed vehicles. As a civil engineering company specialising in cable and pipe laying, they often need to transport large items such as cable drums, which is why JaKel prefers to use vehicles with an open loading area instead of closed vans. However, this has one downside: their hand tools are stored in boxes and cases, but these are not only exposed to weather conditions on the flatbed, they are also easily accessible to thieves.

With the sContainer the equipment is now stowed safely, systematically and protected against the weather inside the container. This saves JaKel’s employees a lot of time in their daily work, as they no longer have to spend time securing the vehicle when it is parked unattended.

As they mainly wanted to transport and protect machines and hand tools on the loading area, JaKel decided on the small version with a height of 1.20 metres. The advantage of this version is that it does not protrude above the driver’s cab. This means there is no air turbulence and no unpleasant noise while driving.

The compact container is quick to load using our forklift, which we always use anyway, when we need the equipment. What’s practical for us is that we can quickly secure the sContainer on the loading area.

Kushtrim Bajraktari JaKel GmbH

Better safe than sorry

In order to ensure the greatest possible protection for your expensive tools and machines, the sContainer can of course be locked. You can choose from three different lock versions, according to your needs and individual requirements:

  • Simple and inexpensive U-lock
  • Standard locking cylinder, which can be replaced if necessary so that the sContainer can be integrated into existing locking systems
  • Electronic combination lock for maximum security, also allows you to set different authorisation levels

Good value acquisition and maintenance costs

The interior volume of the sContainer is the same as that of a small van. In comparison, Sortimo’s sContainer is much cheaper to buy, which was also a decisive factor when JaKel came to make their purchase.

In the simplest version – no shelving system and with a U-lock – the sContainer is available on in the height 1200 mm from £ 1,073.80 net.

Unlike a van, there is no tax or vehicle insurance needed either. For example, if instead of using a van, employees travel to the work site on a (cargo) bicycle, this not only saves fuel costs, but also contributes to a better carbon footprint for your company. 😉

We do not use the sContainer as a replacement for a vehicle, but as protection and an organisational aid during transport. Of course we have gained some space, but we’re not cutting down on a complete vehicle. Nevertheless, the cost-benefit calculation works out. The ease of handling alone saves us a lot of time. As a result, my employees are on the construction site more quickly and can finish up more quickly at the end of the day – and I don’t begrudge my workers this, because the job is tough and they are my most valuable asset. Therefore my concern is always to offset the hard work, among other things through the use of high-quality equipment.

Jakup Kelmendi JaKel GmbH

Last but not least – decals

Is your sContainer installed in places with a lot of public traffic? Then use it as a free mobile advertising medium and promote your company.

Its large outer surface can be customised with your company logo or advertising graphics, automatically making it an eye-catcher. You can even design the decals yourself. mySortimo graphics makes it easy: enter your contact details, upload your logo or advertising graphics, arrange them how you want, and done. 😉

Have we aroused your interest? That makes us happy! 🙂 You can either order the sContainer online here or contact our Sortimo experts for advice:

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