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From the real world – three examples for mySortimo inlays

Custom tool tray inlays for custom requirements – mySortimo inlay offers you the possibility to create tool tray inlays for your Sortimo containers that are specially designed and tailored to your professional and private needs. In this article we present three real-world customer examples.

In our last blog article we gave you six good reasons for using foam inserts from mySortimo inlay. But we don’t want to leave it at theoretical possible applications. Today, we would like to show you, using some practical examples, which configurations have already been created by our customers in the first few weeks using mySortimo inlay.

I asked Johannes Fendt, a dental technician and passionate builder of his own home, for the exact purpose for which the inlays were configured and why he chose mySortimo inlay:

Customer example #1 – mySortimo inlay in the L-BOXX 136

As an avid BOSCH fan, I prefer to use the BOSCH 12V system in my home workshop. I like that the tools are nice and handy, yet surprisingly powerful for their size. The small BOSCH GSR screwdriver has been established for a long time, but also mini circular saws, angle grinders, hand-held circular saws and the like are becoming more and more popular. In order to store my most important and most frequently used tools and accessories in my L-BOXX safely and neatly, I was looking for a suitable inlay for it. That’s how I came across Sortimo’s online configurator, which allowed me to design the foam inlay for my content exactly the way I need it:

I simply like to store my tools as practical sets, neatly and above all securely. That’s why I configured an inlay for my L-BOXX which can accommodate my angle grinder and my cordless screwdriver and its charger, bit set and a total of three batteries.

Johannes Fendt Passionate home builder

The configurator also gives me the minimum necessary distances and warns me of collision risks. Therefore nothing can actually go wrong with the design. This allows me to use the space in my L-BOXX optimally, even with a foam inlay, and everything has its own place.

In addition to Johannes Fendt, we also talked to other customers and looked at their configurations:

Customer example #2 – mySortimo inlay in SR5 drawer

In the following example, the customer wanted to create a central place to store batteries in their service vehicle. Here, too, the tradesman decided to use a foam insert from mySortimo inlay because he was able to design it exactly as individually as he needed. He also has the possibility to save the created configuration in his personal account on mySortimo in order to reorder it for another vehicle at a later date if necessary.

Instead of storing the batteries and adapters spread out over several boxes, as was the case previously, they needed to be stored centrally, neatly and in a drawer of the vehicle’s van racking system in a way that did not take up much space. The customer therefore configured the corresponding inlay for a drawer in width 3 for his existing SR5 van racking system.

With mySortimo inlay the chargers, batteries and adapters are not only securely and clearly arranged, at the end of the working day it only takes a glance to ensure that all batteries are back in place.

Customer example #3 – mySortimo inlay for a drawer in the sContainer

One very special highlight is this sContainer specially designed and equipped for sanitary and HVAC installations. It is positioned on construction sites that last several days or weeks, so that important machines, tools and assembly materials are safely deposited and stored directly on site.

This sContainer houses an XL-BOXX, equipped with a press from Rems. To avoid having to carry the heavy pressing jaws in the BOXX, too, the customer simply configured a custom foam insert from mySortimo inlay for the drawer of the SR5 shelf below it.

The expensive pressing jaws are well protected in the foam inlay and can easily be moved from the drawer into the XL-BOXX if necessary. An additional benefit: since the sContainer is usually used by different fitters, it must be possible to fully check that all valuable tools are present once work on the construction site has ended. With mySortimo inlay all this needs is a glance, because it is immediately obvious if something is missing.

If you would also like to safely store and transport your tools and equipment in your Sortimo containers, just try out the mySortimo inlay configurator right now:

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