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Innovation at the wheel: Why your company should invest in electromobility now

Discover the benefits of electromobility and why moving to an environmentally friendly alternative is a worthwhile investment for your business. In this article, we will give you an insight into the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles and at the same time clear up common myths.

The strategic benefits of electromobility for your business

Moving to electromobility in your facility can not only reduce environmental impact, but also provide significant cost savings and other attractive benefits. Let’s take a look at how your company benefits from switching to electronic vehicles:

Taking advantage of tax benefits

Companies benefit from a ten-year car tax exemption for electric vehicles that will be registered by the end of 2025 – a significant financial incentive.

Reduce maintenance costs

Electrically powered vehicles have fewer moving parts compared to combustion engines, which reduces wear and therefore maintenance costs. No more regular oil changes and a less stressed braking system thanks to the regenerative brakes reduce your operating costs.

Benefit from special advantages

E-vehicles are increasingly having access to special lanes, which leads to shorter driving times. In addition, many cities and municipalities offer free parking and charging facilities specifically for electric vehicles, which is not only convenient but also saves additional costs.

Positive impact on your image

By moving to e-mobility, you position your company as responsible and future-oriented. Customers and business partners will positively perceive and respond to your company’s environmentally friendly initiative. Employees can be proud to work for a company that is committed to protecting the environment. This, in turn, promotes employee retention and motivation.

Myths vs. Facts – We clean up mistakes

In addition to the benefits listed, we would like to rebut the most common myths associated with electromobility to provide you with a transparent insight into this topic.

The battery is more polluting than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine

While it is true that electric vehicles do not produce emissions while in operation, it is often argued that the production of batteries and the generation of electricity for the charging process compensate for the environmental impact. However, studies have shown that electric vehicles emit less greenhouse gases than conventional combustion engines, even taking into account their entire service life.

E-vehicles are significantly more expensive

Although electronic commercial vehicles are often more expensive to buy than comparable vehicles with an internal combustion engine, lower operating and maintenance costs should be considered. In the long term, therefore, electric utility vehicles will prove to be a more economical option for your operation.

Charging takes too long and there are too few charging options

Unlike conventional combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles run on electricity. Charging an electric car is possible from the comfort of your home via a charger. This option allows you to charge the vehicle overnight without having to rely on petrol stations. Installing a charger for charging is usually straightforward and could also be beneficial for your operation.

In addition, there is a growing number of public charging stations that allow you to recharge your commercial vehicles. Modern electric vehicles often have navigation systems that display charging stations along the route to facilitate charging planning.

Here in Zusmarshausen, too, we offer a comfortable charging facility with 76 charging points with our Sortimo Innovation Park. Thanks to efficient DC charging technology, your car is ready to continue driving within 15 – 45 minutes.

The load limit of electric vehicles is low

Given the relatively high weight of batteries in electric vehicles, there is occasional concern that all necessary materials, equipment and other equipment may not be transported. Nevertheless, a professional and well-thought-out interior design can often achieve a complete coverage of all needs. In this way, the load compartment is optimally used and additional weight is avoided.


Our recommendation for the future: SR5 Reduced to Max – the lightest professional vehicle equipment on the market

The SR5 vehicle equipment from Sortimo offers the ideal complement for your electric commerical vehicle. SR5 Reduced to Max is based on a patented hybrid design. This mainly involves combining lightweight aluminum construction with coated steel components. Although aluminum ensures an unbeatably light overall weight, the necessary safety at the highest level is provided by adding steel components. For you, this means more energy-efficient use of your electric vehicle while providing first-class safety.

Is this article is of interest to you? Find out more about electric mobility at Sortimo!

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