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Nov 16, 2023

Sortimo presents the SR5 reduced to max: the lightest professional vehicle racking system on the market

In order to keep up with the steadily growing customer demand for economical and sustainable products and services, the entire Sortimo product portfolio is continually subject to optimisation processes. With the SR5 reduced to max, the market leader from Zusmarshausen offers a future-oriented product that ticks all the boxes for customers. The SR5 reduced to max is based on a patented hybrid construction, comparable to the successful concept of "tailored blanks" in the automotive industry. This development combines a lightweight aluminium construction with coated steel components. Steel components are only used in places that are subject to high loads, such as side parts or shelves. 

Saving weight ensures decisive competitive advantages
The switch to a 100% recyclable, ultra-lightweight yet robust aluminium, which is also used in aviation and aerospace, enables Sortimo to realise a considerable weight reduction of up to 25% depending on the individual configuration without impairing the proven crash safety of the van racking system. This means that Sortimo customers not only get a lighter product, but they also can profit from a price-neutral conversion. Thus the SR5 van racking system is not only more efficient, it also remains economically attractive. In addition, it also retains all the well-known advantages of the SR5 generation and a complete implementation in the Sortimo EcoSystem is guaranteed. 
Due to the reduced weight, the SR5 reduced to max lends itself to both electrified as well as regular transport vehicles and scores double points: The increased payload is a major benefit for all customers who are confronted with the increased weight of their electric vehicles. At the same time, customers with ICEs lower their fuel consumption, thus decreasing their CO2 emissions and improving their footprint. 

About Sortimo International GmbH 
Sortimo International GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of van racking systems and offers digital services and strategic consulting regarding mobility solutions with its products to enable the creation of a highly efficient and professional mobile working environment. Sortimo is pursuing a resource-saving corporate policy in all areas with its “climate-neutral production by 2025” goal in order to meet its responsibility towards its customers, society and the environment. The company has its headquarters and only production site in Zusmarshausen, Bavaria, and employs 1,300 people. Sortimo is an international company with a presence in over 35 countries in addition to its nine branches and 23 Sortimo stations in Germany. 

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