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ProClick Tool Bag L 39

Ref. No.:   6000013932 |  Match code: PC WKZT L 39 |  EAN: 4014599386847
  • open bag for hand tools and consumables
  • 15 elastic loops inside and outside
  • additional outside pocket for small components and separate inside compartment
  • integrated hammer loop and metal hoop for tools with belt clip
  • compatible with the entire ProClick system and the SR5 van racking
  • External dimensions (LxWxH)
    250 x 200 x 150 mm
  • Weight
    0,59 kg
  • Colour
    RAL 9017 Traffic black
    Sortimo Blue
  • In stock

incl. £7.02 VAT (net £35.10), price per piece, plus shipping costs

Product details

The L 39 ProClick tool bag offers stowage space for hand tools and consumables of all types. The large open compartment provides an orderly location for your pliers, cutter or even a small cordless screwdriver. Thin tools, such as Allen keys and spanners, can be accommodated in the separate internal compartment.

The 15 elastic loops - nine inside and six on the outside - provide orderly and clear storage for screwdrivers. Another 16 mini-loops on the inside allow you to insert screwdriver bits and drill bits. The additional pocket on the front is compatible with the insetboxes 1x1 H63 (2 in number) or 1x2 H63 (1 in number), making it the perfect storage option for small components. A prop on the back lets you use the bag unhooked, on your workbench, for example. In addition, the L 39 offers a hammer loop, a metal hoop for carrying tools with a belt clip (such as a tape measure) and a strip loop with plug buckle which permits the hanging up of adhesive tapes.

The tool bag teams up perfectly with the ProClick Holder on your tool belt. This means that you always have the right tool and consumable to hand, and this saves lots of time when you are working up a ladder. The tool bag can also be used as a flexible and intelligent storage system on the SR5 van racking, in the C-BOXX, the tool carriage or on the AutoAssistant.

The ProClick system is a new product line for mobile working that incorporates itself seamlessly in the working day of every handyman and service technician. Developed by BS Systems, a joint venture between Sortimo and BOSCH, the , ProClick is a product line that allows you to carry tools and working materials directly on you using textile bags. It also teams up perfectly with the EcoSystem by Sortimo and BOSCH. In other words, it is compatible with a wide variety of existing Sortimo and BOSCH products - irrespective of the brand. Unlimited possibilities with one click: The patented system consists of two main elements: The ProClick Holder and the hook. When you bring the two items together there is a “click”, indicating that the hook has engaged and is fixed securely. The ProClick system is an ideal companion in virtually all situations in your daily working life, since the bags can be fixed both in the familiar Sortimo ProSafe holes as well as in the ProClick Holder, using the hooks. This means that the ProClick products can also be used as accessories in the van racking, and, looking at it the other way round, the van racking can be used as a practical storage system for the ProClick bags, which can be taken onto the site using the tool belt. In addition to the mounting options on the van racking, additional Sortimo products, such as the AutoAssistant and the C-BOXX also have mounts for the ProClick bags. They can therefore also be hung up here quickly, serving as extended storage. The ProClick bags are available in various different sizes and design. They are made from sturdy polyester (1000 den) and are fitted with practical dividers, loops and holders, so that tools and consumables all have their own fixed place and can be easily located. Particularly in combination with the tool belt, the ProClick bags offer a perfect overview of working materials, as opposed to trouser pockets, can be preloaded to suit the specific task at hand, and can be replaced quickly. The reflective strips on the sides improve visibility in the dark and offer additional protection - particularly in the dark winter months.(Pictures are similar, decorative material not included; delivery only within UK and Ireland)

Technical Details
Technical details
External dimensions (LxWxH) 250 x 200 x 150 mm
Inner dimensions (LxWxH) 80 x 180 x 150 mm
Weight 0,59 kg
Material(s) Polyester
high-grade steel
Maximum payload 5 kg
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